Thursday, April 15, 2010

60% Appreciation!

Wow.. just wow!
Yesterday morning I met a friend for breakfast. He changed job to property agent and he told me that property prices are crazy high. Just before CNY, he helped sold one house in BU 12 - it's the row opposite mine - for RM815K! And he said my house could easily fetch RM750K now. In the past 4 months, there was an increase of 50K for intermediate. Crazy!

That means, in the last 4 years since I bought this unit, my house appreciated by more than 60%!

Looking at, he is not kidding!


  1. aiyuh, super duper high ....congrats that u did a great investment...hmm, i no money to invest in BU wor , aiiii

  2. well is this a good thing or bad thing? i m starting to believe, people are getting greedier. all this cost is passed from one to another. eventually somebody has to end up paying a very high price. demand and supply i don't think it works anymore when it comes to greed. the theory is how much money you have! GREED is GOOD!?


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