Fine Gaming Moment

You know how you sometimes see a movie and if it was an awesome movie, you knew you just had one of your finest movie moments? I could think of many fine movie moments - Matrix, Lord of The Rings: Fellowship of the Rings, Titanic (cough!), Braveheart, Savings Private Ryan, Heat, etc.

I had my finest gaming moment yesterday. It's not something I experienced lately because I don't have much time to game - actually, in reality, there aren't that many quality games that captivated me. I missed these experience. Sometimes I wish I could be 'young and naive' and be surprised by this new game.

Anyway, I had that experience again yesterday when I took leave to play two games: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Braid. Both are very different game. And both blew my mind away! One with a unexpected twist in the plot while the latter with its sheer ingenuity in gameplay design (although, storywise, I am still lost and baffled)!
If you are interested in gaming, do give both a try.. Braid has a free demo.


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