I'm on leave today.

On an unrelated news, I read about a Singaporean pouring boiling water
onto her maid's genital and extracting her two front teeth with
pliers. Such cruelty and inhuman act.

Just yesterday, a friend proclaimed that she want to kill her maid.

I believe that maids bring out the worst behaviour out of someone. We
forget our humanity when we have complete power to lord over someone.
My friend is the nicest lady I know and yet her maid could turn her
into a monster.

That is also one of the reasons I'm not using a maid. To save myself
and also to discourage these negative learning by little sen.

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  1. Yalor ....I agree with you . Thesedays , everytime I meet our friend, the friend complained about the maid , the topic of conversation between the hubby and wife also the same ....all in all, always mention 'want to kill the maid' ..... those evil thought, statements, if kept repeating on and on, they are in the mind , indeed very unhealthy. I just wish they cancel the deal , take the maid away from their lives....

  2. In the beginning, communication is very important. Just like how you choose your wife, would you choose a wife that can't communicate? You end up stranggling her. So for maid, it's even worst, the agency sent u a box of chocolate, you pick but it may taste bad! Then you 'pooi' and pijak the chocolate.

    Human are a very mean creature if not TRAINED or COUNSELED. They go their own way and they think it's OK!


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