Fish Ball Noodle

I love fish ball noodle. When we were younger, ZipD and I would take 2
buses from Kepong to DJ every week just to play a video game called
Crackdown. We would stop in KL and frequent this restaurant called Lai
Foong. It's beside Bangkok Bank. I always ordered to fish ball noodle

Something about Lai Foong's fishball is really addictive. I
specifically love the 'flying saucer'.

These days you can't really find a good fishball stall. The Teo Chew
fishball chain just didn't do it.

Until one day I found a fishball stall in a restaurant near my house.
It's exactly like the one they served in Lai Foong! Taste the same. I
think I must have eat this almost twice a week. I just can't get bored
of it.

If you like fishball, let me know and I can show you the way...


  1. wei just post directions lahhh hehe

  2. hai lo.
    poh poh ma ma pulak

  3. mana ni ?
    BTW , I just heard about Lai Fong restaurant last week too ...heard the porridge also nice la , so where is this Lai Fong ??

    Bahija may FINALLY decided to do sth about her dream, to get a diploma in special kids education, the training center is right in KL , Jln Hang Lekiu, besok I go interview and preview, if things happen , I'll be attending classes in KL every week , so have ample time to explore KL food :) hehe


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