You've got mail, Part Two: Waiter Rant is Here!

Look what came into my mailbox.. a brand new copy of "Waiter Rant: Thanks for the Tips - Confessions of a Cynical Waiter". Yup, I finally bought the book! Readers of this website would know that I am a big fan of, a blog by a waiter on, waiting business. The author is a funny writer and I often find myself LOL-ing when reading his blog. I have been following his blog for years and while he had always been anonymous, he decided one day to write a book. Since then, his cover was blown and we all know him as Mr Steve Dublanica.

I even put his ad on the right side of my blog. Click on that and you can read the first 20 pages of the book.

Ever since he released the book, I have been meaning to get my hands on one. But it's just too expensive. The hardcover copy cost RM96! So, I waited patiently and last month, the paperback version is out. Retail price was about RM59. No problemo. I just have to wait till it come to Malaysia.

Then last week, while browsing, I saw the book on sale! Buying it online with mph gets me a 30% discount ie it cost me RM30.03! Plus RM7 shipping, the total cost was RM37.03! Ordering was a breeze and they shipped via courier.

I will be slowing enjoying the book. I am pleased to say that the choice of paper quality and binding of the book are the type that doesn't break the book's spine easily.. not sure if you understand what I am saying - some books are binded with low quality cover which you can't bend and you can't open the books wide as it will crack the spine. This paperback are the type that doesn't. And usually, these type of quality and binding add additional cost to the book.. except this one. Bravo! Go get it!

On a side note, today's haze is really terrible!


  1. njoy the book :) , by now, ur date shld be over - that's very nice of you.... eh, if not too troublesome, try 'The Proposal' , it's just a normal romantic movie, but it's cheerful with some comedy, I think good to watch if one need to relax for 2 hrs, chill up a bit... my LA sister for ages tak tengok movie, dragged her along, and she liked it, of coz, we are women, hehe...


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