I worry...

I worry when people asked me if I am ok because they thought I have lost weight. This is not the first time I get comments like this. Actually, I feel good. I sleep well. I eat well. I am sometimes tired - not physically weak but I think it's probably because I am bored. And I am not sure why I am bored. I have enough to keep me going.. maybe it's because at this moment, my life state is low, I'm not uplifted enough or maybe I am weak spiritually! Ah, I think I need to chant a lot more!!


  1. I know why ....... mid life crisis :P .... i myself can't sleep well at night , i used to tidur and well rested, now i woke up , tired, that affects my EQ now , somemore need to work in this current place , u know la, testing my kesabaran level , sometimes i really want to cekik - aiii ...so far, i hv paid $220 for a dunlopilo pillow, the same store u went, no sales , and i can't wait any longer, still belum see any good improvement yet, aii - entah i wasted $220 on longkang liow :(


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