Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I saw in a TM Net advertisement bunting in a shop 1U.
"Percuma - modem wayarles"..

I can only gasp and shake my head at the utterly shocking term used. I hope it is created by the shop and not by TM Net because if it is, it's really embarassing. You can just take a English term and tried to Malaysianized it. Or can you? These days we see words like telekomunikasi, harmoni, wayarles.



  1. Yeah Yeah ...I totally agree with u ....SUPER DUPER MALU , our Bahasa no 'value' , thesedays , suka-suka translate from english nia - fleksibel , komplikasi , no eye see

  2. I came across a new word: persepsi.
    This was used in our Parliment. What the heck man?

    Seriously, if Bahasa Malaysia does not have a strong vocabulary, why not just use English? Why are we in denial?


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