I was out in my porch when my good neighbor started to chat with me. Her neighbor just finished renovation and is moving in in October. I asked her if she knew how much her neighbor paid for the house and she does not know. She said the house was on offer for 600K but there were no taker – so it was probably sold at a price that’s lower than 600K. She said one can’t find a house at the price that I bought and it really is my good fortune to buy one at 415K.

I’d never imaging that I could live in one of PJ’s most sought-after address. I still remember starting my first job in an office in PJ. At that time, property prices around that area was already booming. A typical double storey house in Bandar Utama would cost RM300K and above. I remember thinking that it was so high I’d never be able to afford a place there. My colleague, Mr Lim, said he bought his house when it was first launched at RM190K and he was extremely delighted that the price has jumped so much. He expected it to go much higher, at that time.

It’s true that from 1996-2006, the property around One Utama, Mutiara Damansara and Kota Damansara has been escalating. Every new launch is definitely about 350K or 400K. I still remember when Boustead launched Mutiara Damansara, the houses were sold through balloting and a typical 22x75 double storey would start at 400K. My friend, Ms Teah, balloted successfully for one unit and now, that unit is selling for at least 550K.

So, to be able to secure a place at 415K in Oct 2006 is indeed a great good fortune. It’s not easy – lots of hard work from the agent and lots of house sightings but my dreams have come true. And less than 2 years, the same unit I bought is sold for 520K*! Not that I am going to sell mine, but to know that the house you worked your ass off for has appreciated is very comforting.

It’s a blessing and as such, I am truly grateful. Dreams can happen…

*this afternoon, the new neighbor came for a chat. She bought her unit at 580K and she said it was fully renovated and furnished and she was thrilled to buy it at that price. She said she has been eyeing the other house beside her current one (i.e. 3 houses from mine) but the owner asked for 520K and refused to budge. That was a basic unit, she said and she almost went for it but was lucky that she managed to find this one, which were fully renovated, at 580K. Anyway, that unit was now sold, so we are guessing it could be at 500K or 520K.


  1. hi.. i chance upon this post of yours while I was googling for house prices for BU link houses. I have one unit in BU 1 too, basic, and not occupied for one year now. Wanted to sell and trying to find recent transacted price so I have an idea as to how much I should ask for. This unit you were talking about that was sold for 500 or 520k, it's basic like mine.. which part of BU is it? If you don't mind sharing? Thanks.. :)

    Jo ([email protected])


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