Venezuelan Week

Today I attended the official opening of the "2nd Venezuelan Week 2007" in Wisma SGM in Jalan Imbi. The event was launched by some Datuk fom some Ministry and the Ambassador of Venezuela in Malaysia.

Excerpt from tbe brochure: "The first Venezuelan Week held in Malaysia in July 2006 allowed the Malaysians to get to know the Venezuelan culture and at the same time to enjoy a festive atmosphere on the occasion of the 195th Independance Day of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

"In 2007, the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela together with Venezuelians living in Malaysia would like to join Malaysia in her 'Celebration of 50 year of Nationhood' by holding a second Venezuelan Week...

".. include events such as Salsa Concert.. Venezuelean Gourmet Festivals, Charity Gala Dinner.. "

If you are interested to check out some cultural stuff, click here.


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