He's here, the Phantom of the Opera!

Came back from Phantom last weekend. Phantom of the Opera was excellent. I am glad I went to see it again.

Even though I know the story, it was refreshing to see the play at a different angle. I first saw Phantom in 2002 in West End. At that time I had a very good seat in the front. I remember it was perhaps 5th or 6th row from the stage. At that time, I didn't know what to expect so it was wow-factor though I was lost in some of the scenes - thick British accent, you see.

This time, having seen the movie version (and DVD) several times, I was very familiar with the scenes and all the songs. I know what to expect. Yet, it was still refreshing to see how the scenes turned out. I was able to appreciate all the little details even more. I think I'll not get bored of Phantom :P

We were very lucky. The seats I chose turned out to be a box-side seats. You know how those special "balcony" at the side of the theater? The one where Richard Gere and Julia Roberts saw the Italian opera in the movie Pretty Women? The one he said "only the best"? Well, we have such a seat. All 4 of us, in a private little corner.. and we can whisper to each other or humm the song without disturbing other people because there's no other people around us :)

And watching the show in a box-side seat gave a different perspective - I could really see the whole scene from afar.. from the top, appreciating and absorbing everything. It was excellent! I am glad I went.

Anne and my sister enjoyed the show tremendously. They felt it was money well spent, Phantom being the first "big scale" musical. Anne and my sis went for Saturday Night Fever, the Sound of Music and Grease in KL before and they said that all of them combined cannot be compared to Phantom.

Singapore is well, Singapore - clean, nice paved road, efficient traffic, safe, etc. We stayed with Monica's sister's boyfriend and he's such a great host! I felt so pai seh but ai, what can we do? If I knew we are staying with the bf instead of her sis, I would have rented a room myself. Despite that, we enjoyed ourselves and it reaffirms again that there are always hospitable and kind people around - and I should be one myself ... :)

Anyway, back to life.
Back to reality..


  1. Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...what have I missed :) ...

    However, in this history, hari ini dalam sejarah, my ticket was taken by your sister, whom have enjoyed POTO tremendously , so that's good...
    should I get my sis and go to POTO again in May ??? hmmm

  2. In addition, we or rather you have 'ajak' more folks to enjoy musicals ..... heeeee ....if we didn't meet with Mr.Fit, we wouldn't even get the chance to know him better, to be hosted by him, to know that he suka F.A choc cake; he suka sotong in tat special style; he suka fried meehoon mee at the Comm-Wealth pasar; he is so passionate about his work. He's a great fun guy, Bahija needs to have more of this folks - heeeee - positive energy. I'm so happy for Mermaid lor ....

  3. I thought I choose the seats for you, I actually told D such. Anyway, I am glad that you guys enjoyed it.


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