Busy weekend again. Sat morn - breakfast and haircut. Sat afternoon, went with Whitedruid and Loochoomus for a session of WOW. Sat evening, steamboat dinner at Anne's place. Stayed till late because I was helping her with her work.

Sun morning, our parents met up in Summer Palace for dim sum. Today's the day they discuss about our future - LOL! It's not a coincidence that I picked the 15th day of CNY aka Chinese V Day to discuss this - it is an auspicious day and of course, it is also a good day to treat Anne's parents and sisters.

The thing is, I think they didn't really eat enough. I guess they are trying to save my pocket because on the previous night, her mother told me that it is not necessary to eat in Tai Thong. But my thoughts are, don't tell me that we do the dowry discussion in a mamak? Or a hot Chinese coffee shop, right? So while I keep on ordering the dim sum, they keep on stopping me saying that they have eaten enough. Sigh... but I am glad - any ringgit saved would be useful for the house or the family in the future.

As to the actual discussion, it all went well - not much of a negotiation - both our parents are amiable and flexible on the conditions. After the brunch, Anne and I went shopping - need to get lights for the new house. Any recommendations? Can't seem to find good shops that offer good choices at a reasonable price. Spent whole afternoon. Sun evening - had dinner at home and managed to catch a nap. What a long day.


  1. hmm.. never knew you're so supersitious one!!!!

  2. Lights - reasonable price - 3 to 5 yrs ago - Lot 10 Lightings at Puchong used to be the place. Most folks know about this place ...now i am not sure wor...too many new stores coming up mah. Lot 10 lighting is next to Tesco , corner shoplot. I bought mine from a lightings shop at SS2. This is a preference and taste choices - every shop offer different designs , so up to you on what u want ....


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