Last week I went to Bandar Utama to look at a house. It is in BU12, a nice secluded area just opposite Sony, on the other side of the road. The house is huge – 22x75 with a built up of 2,200 sq ft. This is a big built up for a 22x75. The asking price? RM470K. It’s relatively cheap because BU houses are 500K and above. I am tempted to get the place. There is one reservation: the house is the 6th house from the corner. Opposite the end lot, is an empty clearing. Checking with the developer, this clearing is reserved for MPPJ to build a mosque. The land is already given to MPPJ since 1991. They have not built the mosque for the past 15 years. They will build a mosque.. just that we don’t know when. I am torn. What should I do? My friend PCS said that he’s love to stay in BU far exceed the bad points of having a mosque next door. So he does not mind. What about me? I do mind a mosque but I just cannot believe that I could stay in BU for RM450K!


  1. I say NO.
    It will be very annoying. Remember the previous apt i used to live in and they had a surau and they ahd speakers? Its a disturbance. I wouldn't even bother. Coz the price of your house would drop once ppl know there is mosque there. Seriously....


  2. If I were you, I would go for it because
    (1) It is BU!!! High class place
    (2) Close to office
    (3) House is huge
    (4) 450K for 2 income household is still affordable
    (5) The mosque has not built in past 15 years, I think may be feng shui not good for mosque
    (6) If they really built the mosque, may be the market value will go up, you can sell and buy bangalore
    (7) If cannot sell, rent it out. BU house can demand Rm1500 per month for rental


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