Kicked Out

Today, I removed Anti Ringgit from my speed dial #5. I hardly call him these days. He's being replaced by Anne's office number, her mobile number being speed dial #2. Poor AR getting unpopular these days, eh?


  1. alamak, i need to make u call me often , hmm hmm , muka tebal siki, speed dial no 8 still valid tak and taken or dah tukar owner ?
    u want chang ????

  2. Below of Speed Dial 5 is 8 liow. I think it is or will be Annie's house number :P

  3. Currently speed dial 8 is still you, Bahija.. I hardly call Anne's home. UI called her office often because when I pick her up from work, I dial the office number. So until I have children and until they grow old, I think speed dial 8 will not be replaced yet. LOL!

  4. Babi! Tak baik tau.


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