I am delighted with the service that Canon rendered to me today. As you know, my 3 year old camera failed when I was in US. After researching at Canon website and, it seems to be a known problem, a defect. Some people claimed that Canon replaced the camera for free. I wasn't so hopeful because my camera is 3 year old, after all. I thought I need to make a scene, to insist on the free replacement or maybe speak to the powers that be. Well, it turned out that I don't have to do a thing at all.

The Canon Sales and Marketing center is located near the Subang airport, somewhere near Hyatt Saujana. They are opened everyday from 8am - 8pm except Saturday and Sunday. I went at 5pm today, parked indoor (free parking, btw) and went to the service center. There was just one customer. I took my number and waited for 2 minutes. The technician, a Mr Tan, served me. I showed him the sympton and he inspected the camera. He said that something was wrong with the CCD and they will replace a new one for me. He asked me to bring my charger because I have to return it in exchange for a new charger and battery. That's it! No arm twisting. No need to show receipt. No need to show warranty or whatnot. He typed something in the PC, printed a receipt and asked me to sign. He said they will SMS or call me in a week. I will get a brand new IXUS v3.


Now, that's customer service!


  1. er, yes.. they have solved the problem so I don't forsee the new v3 crapping out on the same issue :D

    and even if they did.. maybe I'll get a new one? So it will last me yet another 3 years. Yay \o/


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