I used to eat lunch with a fellow colleague. She works in accounts. During lunch time, she loves to talk about her husband. She would go.. "my husband is such a nice guy. He would do such nice things for me". Or "my husband is so funny. Yesterday he would .. bla bla.. , "my husband decides to change job..." and so on. It got so bad that I asked other people like Bahija or Emily or Anti Ringgit to join us for lunch so I don't have to suffer alone. Later, all of us gave her a nick name. We called her NLK, which stands for Ngor Lou Kung (My husband). Since then the nickname stuck. She doesn't know about this of course. As the days go by, I began to get bored of NLK and her incessant promotion of her husband. I began to avoid lunches by making up stupid excuses. And as times goes by, we see less and less of each other.

I began to wonder if this is a phenomeneom of the newly wed. Does the bride loves to talk abt their husbands just like some men like to talk about their wives performances in bed? I think it could be true because lately, my good friend rotitelur started telling me all about her husband D. It would be D this and D that. I stopped her one day by reminding her of NLK and she said that it was natural for women to talk about the man they loved. I said I understand the need to talk but I told her that the audience is wrong. A woman should tell all they want about their husband to ANOTHER woman. Not to a man. Just like a man would talk about the performances in bed to another man. It would be inappropriate to talk about their sexual position to another woman, would it?

Rotitelur thinks that the audience does not matter. Women just love to talk abt their husband to anyone who listen, be it a guy or girl. Hmmm... comment?

I hope roti is not offended with this post or with me for telling her to stop talking abt D.

I bet if Anne knew about this, she will say I "small heart" and that I should show more emphaty... aiyoyo...


  1. Aiyuh , u MEN out there - apalah, u guys openly comment on women performance in bed punya ker ?????

  2. well one thing i have to say, married ppl always either talk about their husbands or children. DAMN BORING if you ask me!!!!! hmm.. well maybe the sexual part will be or rather should be contain within the appropriate audience :P

  3. Well, I guess, NLK may be a very positive person. Probably she treat you as her friend hence telling you about her husband. Also I sense insecurity, where her and her husband does not want to be excluded from this circle of friendship. However, very little that she realised this has became overdose, and our Ringgit became poisoned.

    Women in nature like to express I guess?


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