Romeo the Dog

I have a dog. His name is Harry. He's a cute white little doggy. But he has an attitude. If you don't know better, you would think he's a cat. He's arrogant. He ignore his master and he only become friends when he wanted to eat or go for a walk.

Anyway, these few days, he's depressed. Harry is heart broken. In Cantonese, we called it "sat luen". Last two days, there was this horny bitch that came by our gate. She tried to seduce Harry. Probably time to corpulate or something. Harry went all mental. Wanted to get out house, tried to squeezed through the railings in the gate. Started whining for us to open the gate. Made lots of noise. Then it started to rain. The bitch ran away. He stood in the rain, nose between the rails of the gate.. and waited. Waited for the girl that would never returned. It's like those Canto serial.. those boy holding umbrella, drenched in the rain, waiting for the girl upstairs to come back to him.

Anyway, we have to force him inside the house. Rain is getting heavier. Inside, he whined non stop. Wanted to get out, refused to eat. Since that incident, he hadnot eaten for two days! Aiyo. Dog can also be depressed?

Anyway, everday I come back from work.. I don't call him Harry anymore.. I looked at him in the eye and said, "Romeo.. are you still depressed???" As usual, he ignores me.


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