Leadership Symposium

I attended a leadership symposium yesterday and there were a few interesting speakers. Most of the presentations are about how it is all up to us as individuals to drive and make things happen. One particular topics on managing stress was really interesting and I thought I'd like to share it here.

Basically what was said is that stress is a good thing. It is stress that drives people to excel. However, the successful individual are those that knows how to destress afterwards - those that knows how to relax. There was a story about how this person who is stress will work really well and get the job done. Once the job is done, that person will take a break and go somewhere to relax and de-stress. Another story is about another guy who, after getting the job done, continues on to another high stress job. This other guy never relaxes and after a few months/years, his health deteriorates.

The presentation went on to talk about how powerful the mind is and that it is the mind that is causing health problem. So when one relaxes, one actually relaxes the mind as well as the body. The thinking mind releases hormones (endorphins) that stimulates reactions in the body to do things. When one think too much, the hormones are being overworked and that is how the body become stressed and then become sick. So it is important to relax the mind. Also, good food and exercise will help the body and mind cope better in a high stress situation.

One particular slides gave me a powerful effect. It talks abt how Sorrow leads to Anger which leads to Depression and finally leads to Death. And sorrow is usually caused by being too hard and stressful on yourself.

The presenter told us that every morning, look into the mirror.. SMILE at yourself for 30 seconds.. then proclaim "I am alive, I am well and I feel great!" He said it works wonder.. these positive attitude that you put on yourself early in the morning. I am going to try it myself :)
(The other alternative is to say "I am dead, I am sick and I feel miserable").

Overall, a very useful event. I will see if I have time to compile some of the points that was said. They say that this event is a start of the journey. What we heard there must be put to good use and not put on the shelf. The things do not end when the event ended. We have to promise ourselves to, at the very least, take one thing from the event and put it to good use in our lives - be it doing exercise, or eating healthy food. I have taken the "stare at the mirror and smile to myself" as a personal promise and will try to do it every morning.


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