Friday, September 25, 2009

Fish Ball Noodle Part 2

Didn't realize my fans are also fish ball noodle fans.
wsl - you remember Lai Fong ah? We go there before Economics tuition.

Here's the direction to Lai Fong in KL.
It's very near Bangkok Bank, opposite Chinatown Entrance:

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As for the equivalent fish ball noodle soup, it's in Aman Suria, near my house. Follow the road to Tropicana and before the underground pass, turn left to go to Dataran Prima. The restaurant is before Dataran Prima, called Suncity and it faces NKVE.

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wsl said...

canggih..with google map and al..nbut stil dunno which part of aman suria u talking abt :D

speaking of tuition those days...where is that char siew & siew yuk rice shop that we always go to b4 tuition?

and..ermm..i wonder is mr C is still...'alive'?

Ringgit said...

wsl - zoom out in the map and you will know where you are. click the "+" or "-".

If you had an iPhone, there is GPS that can take you to the location. Unfortunately, you have not decided to buy it yet :P

Ringgit said...

I don't remember any char siew/siew yuk rice shop........... hmm.. in KL?

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