Sunday, April 29, 2007

Income Tax

I filed my income tax online. This year, I have to pay inland revenue dept RM1,900 in tax even after all the huge deduction they took from my monthly salary!

RM1,900 can buy a refrigerator!



Bahija said...

AIIIIIII, i also kena teruk2 .... very very the kek sim , it's not a stupid idea to tukar name to 'binti' , then can letak all zakat and get 100% rebat , aiyuh...i count count count count count till now :( siennnnnnn

MG said...

hmm.. u guys must earn alot loh HAHAHAHA

Why you guys do so last minute. yesterday I passed by the LDHN at jalan duta.. JAM gila... i pass there to get back home.
Msian like to do last minute hor.

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